The Horses

At BentWire Ranch there are +15 horses are from various backgrounds. Some are mustangs off the range, some are adoptions from other rescues. They all have their own story.


If you would like to work with one of our horses or learn Horse Speak with the whole herd while working with Lucinda B. please go to  or call  Lucinda @ 541-977-5611. There are many horses that would love to form a new relationship with you.

Here are a few introductions, and please check back as we will add their individual stories.


"Hello.  My name is Sweet Pea, I am a giant donkey. Chris and Lucinda rescued me from the kill pens in 2013. I will teach you about patience and unconditional love."




"Aria is my name and I am a Warlander. That breed cross is between a Friesian and an Andulusian. My specialty is confidence building."

communion 041_edited.jpg

"We are regulars at the ranch and we look out for all the animals.  We can teach you how to become a better rider."