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-Finnegan (Finn)

Yakima Reservation pony horse.

Height: 13.4 Hands

Weight: 750 lbs

Age: 8 years as of 6-2024

Finn started his life out on the Yakima Reservation. Yakama Reservation horses are known for their:

  • Hardiness and Endurance

  • Resilience and Strength

  • Intelligence and quick learning

  • Versatility- capable in different roles

  • Loyalty and Bonding- once bonded to their handlers they can be very loyal and dependable.


Adaptability- Are highly adaptable to different environments and tasks.

Finn came to us straight from a trainer's farm in Astoria, Oregon at 3 years old.


She was helping the family that owned him which could not keep him anymore. The trainer's teenage daughter rode him on the trails. He hung out by their house and would sometimes be in their house just hanging out.

(We don't suggest you do this with any horse but wanted you to get a sense of his temperament.)


We purchased him at 4 years old for our grand kids, but as life turns out our grandkids moved away.


Finn has been with us for 4 years and in all that time he has been easy to handle. Good with his feet. No health issues. He will get scared if you whip him or get angry and forceful and will just shut down. 


He identifies as a Pawn. In Horse Speak "Roles of the Herd" the Pawn: In the herd his role would be to follow another horse around not big on making any of his own decisions. Good horse to ride in the middle of the group. Good with kids. Does not like going out on adventures on the trails alone. Sweet in nature. Is considered a "Hesitant" Energy Type.


From 1-5 (1 being green broke, 5 fully broke) I would give him a 3.5.

We are looking for his new home because the grand kids have moved away, and he is too small for us.


Finn is currently available to see and/or adopt at Happy Trails Horse Rescue, in Bend. We decided to go through a rescue because we don’t want Finn or any of our other horses to end up on the slaughter truck.

In summary: Finn has been a wonderful little guy. Always interested in what we were doing and completely easy to catch. He has a good history (no PTSD) and likes being around people.


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