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To understand horse behavior, their language and World View, you must look at the horse as a whole.
This is why we have developed The Equine Mandala.​

Momo's Story

Thank you, Rachelle for sharing your story!

"Using Horse Speak has been transforming for my horses and myself. I keep calling Lucinda and telling her each new story because I get so excited when I see Horse Speak work like nothing else. 


My latest story has to do with Momo my Arab who I have had a little over 2 years. He came with a lot of issues but right now I will speak about this latest one where nothing worked except Horse Speak.  


Momo is deathly afraid of needles and the vet poking his neck and putting in a needle. On some of our endurance rides where he was pulled twice, and they attempted to do needle pokes for blood work it was a show to say the least. The vet and I were dragged all over the place. I have never seen a horse so difficult to get a needle in. It was like a rodeo outside. The next time was the same thing with 2 vets trying it. One was successful but that was because she was quick, really quick, but she still had to deal with crap before she got it in.  


This week I had a vet come to the house to do their teeth. I warned the assistant on the phone and did work with him during the week pinching and poking but he didn't seem to care if I did it and I didn't use a needle to practice. Well, the day came, and I had them in the barn in stalls. The vet came in and took his time saying hello, but Momo knew something was up, something he wasn't going to like. Well, the minute the vet began to try getting near his neck the show was on. He began throwing the vet and assistant against the wall, the gate and trying to get away. He wasn't being mean, just desperately trying to keep these people from doing their job. He kept pushing, and dancing around evading the vet. The poor assistant could barely hang on and then he began rearing. No words of calm from me helped. THEN, I remembered Horse Speak, so I began.


 I began the breathing and hand motion that let him know that it was okay. Momo STOPPED- I mean dead in his tracks and focused on me. He looked at me and never took his eyes off me as I kept breathing and moving my hand back and forth. The assistant said something quietly to him to which the vet responded, "No it's working".


It was working, and boy was it working. Momo stood still and his eyes never left mine even as they poked and prodded, moving that needle around as it had moved during his antics. He stayed still not moving until they were done, sedative in and I had stopped. He was fine after that. It was the most incredible amazing connection I have ever witnessed, and it was all due to Lucinda Baker and Horse Speak.


Learning this with my horses has been a game changer, an absolute game changer. I have many other success stories since using Horse Speak but this was amazing."


 -Rachelle Tanner

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