Monthly Boarding

Our boarding facility gives a person a reliable and safe place to have their horse. 

  • Horses here get the chance to be a horse.  They choose which herd they would like to be in. Each group is moved once a day so they are not standing in one place all day.

  • We also have amenities for your horse when it is not in a herd.

  • Accommodations for older horses who just need to be with older horses

  • There is someone on the property 24/7.  

  • We feed 3 times a day and troughs are kept filled with clean water

  • We are not a show barn

  • Our main philosophy is based on Lucinda B.'s Equine Science & Knowledge.


At BentWire Ranch we are kind and respectful to our horses. 

Safe & Clean Paddocks with Shelters

Barn Stalls have 24 Foot Outdoor Runs.

Clean, Safe,

Well-Lit Barn.

Bathroom, Tack Room and Automatic Waterers

48 X 38

Indoor work area

30,000 acres of BLM land right out the back gate

Comprehensive Trail Course for your use

“Out To Pasture”

Boarding or Rehab

Is it time to give your older horse a break and let him or her live out the rest of their life at a comfortable, safe facility?

Services & Fees

$350 per month

  • Safe Fencing

  • 3 feedings

  • Clean, fresh water

  • Pasture Time

  • Full-time staff on property

  • Trail riding out the back gate on BLM sandy trails

Extra services available:

  • Blanketing ($2/day)

  • Graining (you supply the grain) ($2/day)

  • Medication (you supply - $2/day)

  • Medication (we supply - $15/dose)


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