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Monthly Boarding

Services & Fees

$375.00 per month-

Retired horses only

  • Safe Fencing

  • Clean, fresh water

  • Full-time staff on property

  • Clean Hay 

Extra services available:

  • Blanketing ($2/day)

  • Graining (you supply the grain- $2/day)

  • Medication (you supply - $2/day)

  • Medication Distribution  ($5 a day)

  • Wound tending ($10 day- wrapping legs,  changing bandages etc.)

Our Retirment facility gives a horse a quiet, mentally interesting, reliable and safe place to live out their days

  • Horses here get the chance to be a horse.  They run in a herd appropriate for thier age.

  • Accommodations for older horses who just need to be with older horses.

  • There is someone on the property 24/7

  • Our main philosophy is based on Lucinda B's work with the Equine Mandala & Horse Speak.


At BentWire Ranch we are kind and respectful to our horses. 

"I haven't seen my horse Anna so quiet and responsive in a long time. After she settled in, her mental and physical health has improved ten-fold" - Katie S., Redmond OR

Deck View BH 1.png

36 acres to roam
Keeps the horses active and moving.

Horses in Woods pic-1.jpeg

This environment is great for their bodies, feet and mind

“Out To Pasture”

Boarding or Rehab

Is it time to give your older horse a break and let him or her live out the rest of their life at a comfortable, safe facility?

BentWire Ranch is the place.

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