Monthly Boarding

Services & Fees

$275.00 per month

Retired horses only

  • Safe Fencing

  • Clean, fresh water

  • Full-time staff on property

  • Indoor arena

  • Clean Hay 

Extra services available:

  • Blanketing ($2/day)

  • Graining (you supply the grain) ($2/day)

  • Medication (you supply - $2/day)

  • Medication Distribution  $5 a day

  • Wound tending $10 day - wrapping legs  changing bandages etc.

Our Retirment facility gives a horse a quiet, mentally interesting, reliable and safe place to live out their days

  • Horses here get the chance to be a horse.  They run in a herd appropriate for there age.

  • Accommodations for older horses who just need to be with older horses.

  • There is someone on the property 24/

  • Our main philosophy is based on & Horse Speak.


At BentWire Ranch we are kind and respectful to our horses. 

"I haven't seen my horse Anna so quiet and responsive in a long time. After she settled in, her mental and physical health has improved ten-fold" - Katie S., Redmond OR

36 acers to roam
Keeps the horses active and moving.

This environment is great for their bodies, feet and mind


An indoor arena and general care area.
65 x 100 Indoor covered arena

We offer a place for the horse to be safe and mentally stimulated.

“Out To Pasture”

Boarding or Rehab

Is it time to give your older horse a break and let him or her live out the rest of their life at a comfortable, safe facility?